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Muscat Thread Mills SAOG

About Us

Muscat Thread Mills SAOG (MTM) was established in 1996, as a Public quoted company on the Muscat Securities Market and commenced commercial production in August 1997 with a capacity of 900 Tons per annum. Gradually capacity was increased to 1560 tons per annum.


MTM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. MTM products are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified.


The company produces thread which is manufactured by state of the art Swiss machinery with computer aided color matching systems and carefully selected raw materials from the Far East, internationally renowned dyes, chemicals and lubricants from Europe ensure that no compromise is made on premium quality and consistency on shades.  The personnel overlooking the technical aspect of the company as well as the production of thread carry with them vast experience of over fifteen years in sewing thread manufacturing with multinational and world-renowned brands.


Prior to the establishment of MTM, the region’s thread market was of a completely different scenario.  Customers were solely dependent on stockiest & distributors for the supply of sewing thread.  The Customers were forced to compromise on the color of the thread, choosing from a limited stock available from the distributors.


Since inception, MTM has captured the market, providing the exact match to fabric with a short lead-time, (just 2-3 days).  This has created a new era in the region’s garment industry in addition to the company’s profile of 800 colors offered in Boat color card and 1000 colors through the SILVER FALCON color card. Additionally, MTM has developed cross-reference colour charts against global colour palettes of famous thread companies operation internationally.


With rapid technological enhancement in the garment industry and the use of Hi-Tech automated sewing equipment, pressure on quality was increasing for Sewing thread. MTM introduced Poly/ Poly core thread, Cotton/ Poly core thread, Texture Polyester and various other products, which have become the fundamentals of the modern garment industry.


Recognizing the company’s achievement, we received the Exporter of the Year Award for Excellence in 1999, honoring the spirit of enterprise organized by the Omani Center of Investment Promotion and Development Office (OCIEPED).

BOAT Brand

Being the first sewing thread manufacturer in the Gulf and branded as Boat Thread, we introduced our products ranging from 60/2, 50/2, 60/3, 40/2, 40/3, 20/2, 20/3 and 12/5 giving the Garment manufacturer and the buyer an option of selecting the right thread size with precise color matching through our color cards.

American & Efird Inc.

American & Efird Licensee: MTM was affiliated with American & Efird Inc, USA under licensee arrangement to manufacture and market their products since March 2001 to June 2004. MTM provided the opportunity to the garment industry in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East to comply with nominations and enjoy the services and technical know-how from Muscat Thread Mills.


Since A&E brands were priced with margin of Royalty fees and other associated costs, it limited MTM’s ability to provide any improvement towards product performance. Therefore, instead of charging increased Royalty fee from the garment industry, MTM decided to part ways with A&E and launched its own premium brand Silver Falcon.

Silver Falcon - a Premium Thread

As per today’s international economic situation, every organization works to cut corners, where they can reduce the cost of production, in attempt to sustain decreasing prices of garments and remain competitive in the market.  In lieu of this, MTM has launched a new premium brand by the name of “SILVER FALCON”, which is of the same quality and service level of other leading international brands in the market.